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How to choose the right automatic concrete block machine? The five points you must be clear

Time: December 22, 2021  |  Source: HF Machinery

Automatic concrete block machine can use fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement as raw materials. According to a certain ratio, add water and mix them up. Hollow blocks, color road blocks and special-shaped brick are made by the block making machine mechanical vibration.

I. What are the advantages of concrete block making machine?

1. Wide range of raw materials: concrete block making machine can make reasonable use of construction waste and improve the waste utilization rate.

2. Multi-functional products: the concrete blocks are heat preservation, sound insulation, light weight, anti-seismic, and have a wide range of applications.

3. Good product quality: high strength, aging resistance, long service life.

4. High rate of return: concrete block making machine can recoup the cost in 3-6 months

5. High production efficiency: simple operation, saving labor costs; high block output, high production efficiency

In order to protect the arable land as well as the needs of urban construction, concrete blocks are more widely used. Therefore, the market prospect of concrete block machine is also very broad.

So how exactly to select a suitable concrete block making machine?

II. Here are five considerations you must know.

1. Quality: If you want to buy a concrete block making machine, the quality of machinery is certainly the first consideration. Mechanical equipment, the steel used in the mold, service life, control cabinet brand can measure the quality of machinery

2. Technology: can be measured by the vibration system of the block making machine, hydraulic system, control system, control technology, machinery maintenance technology, block output, etc.

3. After-sales service: when choosing the block making machine, you should also understand whether the company has personalized site planning for customer needs. If there are problems in the process of use, can we solve them in time without affecting production

4. Local engineers installation training: due to the global epidemic, many Chinese mechanical engineers are restricted from going abroad, even if they go abroad, they must follow the quarantine policy for medical isolation, which makes it difficult to solve customers' problems in a timely manner. However, some Chinese manufacturers have fixed professional mechanical engineers in foreign countries, who can carry out installation explanation, staff training and after-sales maintenance services.

5. Reference for old customers: If the previous four points are felt to meet your criteria, then the old customer site is the best way to verify the authenticity of the four points above. Before buying machinery, you can refer to it on the manufacturer's official website through on-site photos and feedback from old customers or go to the local old customer factory site inspection machinery use and production efficiency

After understanding the above five points what other aspects do you think are of particular concern when you choosing a concrete block making machine?

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Qingdao HF Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer and exporter for block machine since 1989, providing users in 130 countries and regions with efficient and intelligent block equipment and services.

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