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How to choose the right clay block making machine - Features and advantages of clay block making machine

Time: January 13,2022  |  Source: HF Machinery

President Joe Biden recently signed a $1.2 billion infrastructure bill to overhaul America's infrastructure, I believe that in the near future, governments of all countries will follow the US government's lead and focus on the improvement of domestic infrastructure construction. The demand for infrastructure equipment and construction materials by governments will also increase year by year. In recent years, China's block making machine machinery industry has developed rapidly, and the performance of the block making machine has been vigorously improved and enhanced to reach or even catch up with Japan and Germany's leading position in the block making machine industry. As a major part of the development process of block making machine - automatic clay block machine, has a strong development prospect in both domestic and international markets.

What are the advantages of clay block machine from the aspect of block making machine performance?

The performance advantages of the newly designed hydraulic clay block machine:

1.     With the four-column guiding design, the stability of work can be improved by 25%, the accuracy of mold movement and positioning can be increased by 20%, the service life of mold and equipment can be increased by 15%, and the cost of post-maintenance can be saved by half.

2.     The structure of the equipment is reasonable, and it occupies a small area without lifting, which can save transportation cost and installation difficulty.

3.     The PLC fully automatic control system and 40Mpa hydraulic system are equipped to realize the automation of the whole process from feeding, block making, demoulding to discharging, which saves the labor cost and avoids the accident.

4.     Automatic block palletizing machine can automatically plan the palletizing sequence, which can eliminate the collapse of the kiln car and reduce the labor cost.

5.     The logo can be customized and produced on the surface of the block, making the product beautiful and distinctive and providing a better way to promote the company brand.

6.     The blocks made by this machine have a large market, and can be widely used in various construction projects, and the raw materials used in block making are widely available, such as coal gangue, fly ash, sand, construction waste as raw materials, and can also be used to produce standard blocks, porous blocks and other shaped blocks by replacing the mold. Compared with the vacuum block machine, the material cost is low, and more environmentally friendly, and the equipment is cost-effective.

From the above performance advantages of clay block machine, we choose clay block machine is broadly divided into four aspects of mechanical quality, labor costs, post-running costs and production product quality to consider. Take our QT7-10 model clay block machine as an example, the machine body is made of manganese steel to ensure that in the process of use to reduce the loss of friction between the metal and extend the service life of the machine. In terms of intelligent machinery, there is PLC control system for fully automatic block making, forming and yarding, which greatly saves labor cost. In the block making process, clay block making machine uses a wide range of raw materials and low prices, in the operation process, the hydraulic system can ensure the stability of the machine's long-term operation, enhance the density and strength of the block. The block breakage rate is also very low, the return rate is high, you can pay back within a year.

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