How to judge the quality of the color block machine?

Time: 2020/7/10 14:45:40 892

Colored block machine refers to the mechanical equipment used to produce colored road tiles, which can be called road block machine. High-quality color block machine can use stone powder, cement, river sand, crushed construction waste as the raw materials for the preparation of colored blocks, and can achieve sinterless process, a more environmentally friendly building materials equipment. Faced with a wide variety of color block machine products on the market, buyers can start from what aspects to judge its quality?

What can be done to judge the quality of the color block machine?

1. Start with the accuracy of the mold

Color block machine production of blocks need to rely on precise specifications of the mold, mold quality and accuracy directly affect the quality of the color blocks produced. Therefore, the accuracy of the color brick machine mold can be used as a key indicator for people to judge the quality of a color block machine. When people buy equipment, they should try to choose a mold with high material strength, high dimensional accuracy, and not easy to shape.

2. Start with automated performance

At present, the market color block machine has generally used automated operation, through the PLC computer control cabinet can control the production of important parameters of the color block machine, including hydraulic pressure size, production cycle, production block size. These more convenient automated control operation is helpful to the production stability of color blocks manufacturers and the quality and quantity of finished products, so the purchase of colored block machine must not be ignored to view the automation performance.

3. Start with productivity

For the production of colored blocks for enterprises, the original intention of the purchase of colored block machine is to improve production efficiency, there is a guarantee of production quality. High-performance color block machine production block molding cycle is short, generally more than a dozen seconds can be, to ensure that cement block manufacturers can complete the customer's order on time. Therefore, the productivity of the color block machine is a key to be referenced when evaluating the quality of the machine.

In summary, judging the quality of a colored block machine can start with the accuracy of the mold, starting with the automation performance, starting with the production efficiency. At the same time, the performance of the finished block pressure resistance, strength, compact structure and so on, can also be used as a basis for people to judge the quality of color block machine. When people buy colored block machine, we should carefully evaluate these indicators.