Do you know how to make blocks?

Time: 2021/6/4 11:11:55 65

1. Loader pours some raw materials (rubble, stone, sand, limestone, metal tailing, fly ash or solid construction waste) into the aggregate hopper.



2. Theres an aggregate weighing batcher (under the hopper) weighing the materials accurately and automatically. Sensors are equipped with the weighing batcher.

3. Then the skip hoister takes the materials to the mixer. In the meantime, put cement into the mixer. The mixer mixes the cement and aggregate (wet concrete) automatically. All the ratio of water and cement is controlled by the computer precisely and automatically (software Siemens PLC). 

4. After mixing, the wet concrete is shipped to the storage hopper of the block making machine by the wet concrete conveying belt.

First, Wet concrete goes to the filler box.

Second, The up mould comes down to compress the wet concrete in the mould. The vibration table is vibrating.

After the vibration, the up mould comes up (demoulding). Then the fresh blocks are well formed on the pallets.