Launch of new block machines

Time: 2021/6/28 14:16:45 55

Launch of new models block machine

  Qingdao HF Machinery Co., Ltd. has been committed to the block machine industry for more than 30 years. Recently, in order to meet the needs of our customers, our company has launched two new types of machines, namely T series and M series block machines. These two series of block machines adopt the world's advanced technology.

T series block machine:

1. Use Germany Siemens PLC control system and Siemens Touch Screen, use Schneider and Omron relays and contactors:
    A. Siemens PLC, with great adaptability, guarantees the stability and reliability of the machine.
    B. Visualization touch screen, with easy operation;
    C. High-quality electrical components from Schneider and Omron;
2. Use Frequency Conversional Control Technology, which controls the block making:
  A. Frequency Conversion Control: guarantees the precise and parallel movement between tamper  head and mould,    protects the products from transfiguration; increases the production rate by improving the vibrating efficiency;
    B. Controls the instantaneous start and stop of the motors, to protect the motor from over-heating caused by constant working;
    C. Power saving: 30%;
3. Use Double high-dynamic Proportional/Directional Valves to automatically adjust the oil flow and pressure
    A. Buffer the hydraulic cylinder, to protect the cylinder from damage caused by inertia;
    B. Guarantee production stability;
4. 360° Multi-Shaft Rotating and Compulsory Feeding:
    A. Speedy and rotating feeding, with uniform mixing, to make sure that the density and intensity of the products are guaranteed
    B. This uniform feeding is applicable for different kinds of raw materials and moulds;
5. Use heat treatment on moulds and main parts of the machines:
    A. Heavy duty machine structure and wear resistant moulds;
    B. The hardness reaches up to HRC 52-58;
    C. Greatly improves the using lifetime of the machine by 50%.

M series block machine:

1. Synchronized vibrators, using counter rotating shafts, provide programmable variable vibration as well as dual layer product capability. 

2. This series has a specially designed vibration system unique to each machine model. 

3. Their vibro-compaction design provides more uniform wave amplitude from the front to the rear of the mold. 

4. This creates a more dense and homogeneous products and requires less cement. 

5. These machines use a simple and effective mold clamping and retention mechanism that allows them to change molds with much less effort than is required with competitive equipment.

Customers who are interested in brick machines are welcome to consult us about related matters.