How to do natural curing for concrete blocks?

Time: 2021/7/7 9:18:25 33

How to do natural curing for concrete blocks?


Wet blocks (on the pallets) are conveyed by the green block conveyor. Then a mobile stacking device stacks the pallets with wet blocks layer by layer. A forklift comes to pick up all the blocks for curing.

In countries where the climate is favorable,The normal curing condition is that the temperature is from 34 to 37 degree Celsius and the relative humidity reaches 91%. The curing time in the curing kiln or shed is for 8-12 hours.this type of curing which at 4 days would normally give 40% of its ultimate strength.

After the first curing,the cured blocks are stacked manually to sent to the outside for second natural curing. The second natural outside curing period is for 28 days. For optimal final products, the fresh blocks need to be sprinkled daily, for the first 7 days to maintain the moisture content for higher reactivity of cement with sand. In such a condition, the blocks meet the ideal requirement for ideal density and strength. 

However, the second natural outside curing time can be shorter due to hot weather. For example, Our Indian customers cure the blocks outside for only 7-8 days.