Machine installation work completed successfully

Time: 2018/12/9 0:00:00 1258

The Tanzanian Machinery Installation Completed Perfectly on Dec. 5, 

After customer inspection, the machine runs smoothly, the brick quality is qualified and exceeds the standard, the worker training is qualified, and the production line begins to make profits.

The picture below is a photo of our engineers and customer workers. Here we wish them all the best.

Our brick machine adopts advanced hydraulic system and vibration system, which provides strong vibration force to make concrete rapid prototyping, exhaust air, brick density is very high, die adopts wire cutting without welding marks, brick surface is very smooth, flat, beautiful appearance, can help customers win a good reputation, quickly occupy the market and create profits.

The following picture is a display of our client's bricks, with bright color, smooth surface and very neat.