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Qingdao HF Finger Cart System

Time: August 26th, 2022  |  Source: HF Machinery

From the elevator, the finger car collects the pallets transferring them to the curing chambers.

It returns with cured products from another chamber, placing them in the Pallet lowerator.

This system is controlled by computer program. it could produce fully automatic,and it is high- efficiency.

This system could use automatic control. manual control. And also this system has the frequency converter

to ensure the blocks have no internal injury and crack.This system also could be unmanned operation.

1-Can manufacture Interlock Paver,Hollow BlockSolid Brickrand Curb Stone of Various Design.

2-Automatic Design,one Operator only and 3 Labor totally for running the factory

3-Capacity differs from user's actualrequirement

4-We can make the solution according to User's requestment with our 30+years experiences and knowledge.

5-Total Power is: 140 KW

6-Machines already sold to 110+ countries and reigions.

7-Could arrange potential buyer to visit the local plant and see machine working in their countries

8-Delivery date can be 60 days

Qingdao HF Machinery Co., Ltd is the professional manufacturer and exporter for block machine since 1989, providing users in 130 countries and regions with efficient and intelligent block equipment and services.

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