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How to build a brick factory?

Time: April 20, 2023  |  Source: HF Machinery

1. First of all, it is necessary to understand the various resources required by the brick factory, such as raw materials, machinery and equipment, site design and planning, water and electricity supply, transportation tools, etc.;

2. Then, according to the raw materials required by the brick factory, such as cement, sand, stones, etc., carry out the corresponding raw material storage work;

3. Apply for a formal license from the relevant department to ensure the legal and compliant operation of the brick factory;

4. Arrange the site, machinery and equipment, design planning, safety and security measures, etc., and design the production process of the brick factory;

5. After the design of the brick factory is completed, the construction order is issued, and the relevant machinery and equipment, water conservancy projects, etc. are installed according to the plan;

6. After the installation is completed, it must be debugged to understand the operation status of the production line and whether the raw material feeding is reasonable, and the quality standard is fixed;

7. Employ relevant technical and safety professionals, establish a good management system, and standardize operating procedures;

8. Arrange and be responsible for the production, fire protection and safety inspection or procurement tasks of the brick factory;

9. Complete all preparations for the brick factory and start normal production and operation.

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