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How to make high quality bricks?

Time: March 21, 2023  |  Source: HF Machinery

To make high-quality bricks, you will need to follow a few basic steps:

1. Choose the right raw materials: Bricks are made of cement, stone, water, sand and other raw materials, so it is very important to choose high-quality raw materials. The size of the stones is reasonable, and the ratio is reasonable. Pay special attention to the amount of cement and water. After mixing all kinds of raw materials evenly, the viscosity and humidity are just right for making bricks.

2. Control the brick forming process: During the forming process, the size and shape of the bricks need to be strictly controlled to ensure that each brick has the same size and weight. The size of the brick mold is accurate, and the cloth and vibration time of the equipment are adjusted to achieve the best density of the bricks.

3. Appropriate brick curing time: After the brick is formed, it needs to be dried naturally in a cool and ventilated place, and the drying time of the brick should be moderate. If the drying time is too short, the moisture inside the bricks cannot be fully volatilized, and problems such as cracking are prone to occur; if the drying time is too long, the cost and production time of the bricks will be increased.

4. Choose a high-quality brick forming machine: choose a big brand, a high-reputation brick machine manufacturer, and a supplier who can provide guidance programs.

5. Do a good job of quality inspection: During the production process, the quality inspection of bricks should be carried out regularly to ensure that the quality of each brick meets the standard requirements. If there are problems with the quality of bricks, adjust and improve them in time.

In short, in order to make high-quality bricks, it is necessary to start with multiple links such as the selection of raw materials, molding, and maintenance, Following these steps will help you to make high-quality bricks that are strong, durable, and suitable for use in construction.

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